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Those who are short, for sure, feel issues hopping on the bed. They sometimes use a stool or jump to sit on the bed. There are some beds in London market that are too tall. So, in the article, we will talk with customers about how high the bed should be from the ground? Is there any ideal height from of bed from the floors, and the list goes on? We Select Living are here to solve all sort of issues people face related to beds height.

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How tall Select Living beds are?

We have a wide range of beds, and all are of different heights. This even depends on the choice person made. Like the Divans heights are main 6″, 10″ or 14″. Contrary to that, the normal height of bed frames is normally between 32 to 35 cm. To find the accurate dimension of each bed, you can contact our customer support team.

Furthermore, children beds height varies from adult beds. It is because for children there are more options in the market. They can go with bunk bed, cabin beds and so on. Generally, the beds are pretty low due to safety reasons.

What about mattresses?

The mattress size depends on the bed a person chooses. It is not possible to provide an accurate measurement. It is because some beds designed in a manner that the mattress sits lower than the outer frame.

What the ideal height for a bed?

Many don’t consider the bed’s height, as they think it is not very much important. However, for comfort, it is necessary. Generally, the ideal height of the bed is according to person height. Taller people should go with higher beds and shorter mundane with lower beds.

What’s the right height of bed for the elderly?

As we age, it is essential to take care of comfort. It is not right to have a bed whose height is a lot that it becomes difficult for the person to sit, as they can’t jump. A low bed can strain the joints and muscles of an elderly.

So, always get a bed that matches the height. The simplest way to get an idea about the ideal height is by using a favourite chair. This will make sitting and even swinging legs in and out pretty comfortable.

According to studies, the adult average knee height is 16″ and 24″ off the ground. It means the bed within this range is perfect to buy. If you are confused or have the slightest doubt, go for the best that is a bit high than this range. It is because the high bed didn’t impact the joint much like a low bed. Just don’t forget to use a step.

What’s the perfect bed height for a toddler?

The good news is that children beds have all sorts of information, like about their dimensions and age sustainability. Now, as mentioned before, toddler beds are quite low, so even if they fall, they don’t get hurt.

The bigger children are used to sleep in normal beds. So, they have quite a lot of option, as mentioned before.

Other height considerations

Before a person buys a bed, we recommend that they think about where it will be placed. Like if the bed is going to be an attic or similar space, ensure you left with enough headspace. Otherwise, you may have to remodel the room that is quite expensive.

Moreover, even think about the storage option. The Ottoman and divan beds are a bit higher than regular frames, so these have plenty of storage space. So, if you don’t have enough storage space in the room, these beds are the best to get.

Is it possible to increase the bed height?

If the height of the bed is very low, it is better to replace it. However, if you don’t have enough budget to do it, it is when you go with other solutions. Like place riser under the legs of the frame. Remember, it is not a temporary fix. Moreover, be careful making such changes, as it affects the stability of the bed.

Let Select Living help you find the right bed:

It doesn’t matter you are old or young, short or tall; we are here to help you. Visit our website, you will see so many options including sofa beds in London, and we are sure you will find something that suited the best with your needs. In case you are confused, our team will help you. Just tell us what is your budget and what sort of bed you are looking for? 

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